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  • Pension reform in Chile revisited: what has been learned? OECD Working Paper

    Переосмысление пенсионной реформы в Чили. Какие цели ставлись и каковы итоги реформы 1981 года. Новые изменения в пенсионной системе.
    Статистические данные и аналитические материалы
    Augusto Iglesias-Palau PrimAmerica Consultores
    Источник www.oecd.org

  • На родине пенсионной реформы

    Информация об итогах поездки группы украинских специалистов в Чили и обзор чилийской пенсионной системы

  • Towards Better Regulation of Private Pension Funds Hemant Shah. World Bank. April 1997. 37 pages (English)

    Source: http://www.worldbank.org.
    This paper critically examines the typical model of investment regulation of private pension funds. The pension system reforms pioneered by Chile are being initiated or considered in many countries including Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Uruguay as well as China, Hungary, and elsewhere. These reforms greatly improve fiscal discipline, make social security burden and benefits equitable, and deepen financial markets. However, these reforms are also typically accompanied by very tight investment restrictions on pension fund portfolios, restriction of management of mandated retirement savings by newly created legal entities called pension administrators to the exclusion of all existing financial intermediaries such as banks and mutual funds, minimum return guarantees from the state and/or pension funds, and commissions based on salaries rather than assets managed. We show that while well-meaning, these restrictions are poorly justified by financial theory, distort incentives for competition based on product choice and efficiency, increase administrative costs, and seriously reduce appropriate risk-return choices and returns of the affiliates. The potential losses of retirement income are very large. These conclusions are illustrated with case studies of Chile and Peru.

    wps1791.pdf, 124.12K

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